Kazakhstan Independence Day celebrated on December 16th 2023, is a significant occasion for the people of Kazakhstan. It marks the culmination of a long and arduous journey towards sovereignty and self-determination. This day is a symbol of the nation’s resilience, progress, and commitment to building a brighter future for its citizens. In this article, we will explore the history and significance of Kazakhstan Independence Day and how it has shaped the country’s identity.

Historical Background

Kazakhstan’s path to independence was not without challenges. For much of its history, the land that we now know as Kazakhstan was under the rule of various empires, including the Mongols, the Russian Empire, and the Soviet Union. It was only in the late 20th century that Kazakhstan began to chart its course.

The turning point came on December 16, 1991, when the Supreme Soviet of Kazakhstan declared the country’s independence from the Soviet Union. This decision marked the birth of the modern Republic of Kazakhstan, with Nursultan Nazarbayev as its first president. The nation had to overcome many obstacles as it transitioned from a Soviet republic to an independent nation, but its people’s determination and resilience were unwavering.

Significance of Independence Day

Kazakhstan Independence Day holds great significance for the nation, and it is celebrated with enthusiasm and pride. It is a day to reflect on the country’s achievements and the progress made since gaining independence. It is also an opportunity to pay tribute to the leaders and citizens who played pivotal roles in this transformation.

The day is marked by various celebrations and events across the country. Festivals, parades, cultural performances, and fireworks light up the cities, creating a vibrant atmosphere of patriotism and unity. People dress in traditional attire, and the national flag, with its striking blue background and golden sun, can be seen adorning homes and public spaces.

Achievements and Progress

Since gaining independence, Kazakhstan has made remarkable strides in various fields. The nation has pursued a policy of economic diversification, which has led to significant growth and stability. Kazakhstan is now one of the leading economies in Central Asia, with a thriving energy sector, a burgeoning tech industry, and a growing middle class.

Furthermore, Kazakhstan has been active in promoting peace and stability in the region and on the global stage. The country has played a key role in nuclear disarmament efforts and has hosted numerous diplomatic talks, including those related to the Syrian conflict and the Iranian nuclear deal.

Cultural Heritage

Kazakhstan is a nation rich in cultural heritage, and Independence Day is an occasion to showcase and celebrate this diversity. Traditional music, dance, and cuisine take centre stage during the festivities. The Kazakh people take pride in their nomadic heritage and have preserved their unique traditions, which are showcased through exhibitions and performances.

Exploring Kazakhstan’s Path to Independence

Step back in time and discover the fascinating history of Kazakhstan at the State Archive of Astana through the captivating exhibition, “Tauelsizdik Zholynda” (On the Way to Independence).

This remarkable event showcases a carefully curated collection of archival documents, providing a unique opportunity to delve into the journey towards independence. From pivotal historical moments to the untold stories that shaped the nation, “Tauelsizdik Zholynda” brings Kazakhstan’s past to life in a truly immersive experience.

Join us in celebrating Kazakhstan’s rich cultural and historical heritage as you explore this extraordinary exhibition, located at the State Archive of Astana on 12 Nurzhol Boulevard. It’s a chance to connect with the nation’s roots and gain a deeper understanding of the path that led to Kazakhstan’s independence. Don’t miss out on this enlightening historical journey.

Celebrating 90 Years of Artistry: International Exhibition 1933-2023

Step into the world of creativity and expression at the International Exhibition, a grand commemoration of the 90th anniversary of the Union of Artists of Kazakhstan. This remarkable exhibition gathers more than 220 artists from diverse generations and regions across Kazakhstan, alongside contributions from our artistic neighbours in the Kyrgyz Republic, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, and even Canada.

Prepare to be mesmerized by over 270 extraordinary artworks, ranging from paintings and graphics to sculptures, tapestries, ceramics, felt works, embroidery, and an array of other creations crafted over the past two years.

The Union of Artists of Kazakhstan serves as a unifying force, boasting nearly 1,200 professional artists representing a wide spectrum of artistic styles. Among its members are sculptors, painters, graphic artists, creators of monumental and decorative arts, masters of folk art, and accomplished art historians. This influential union has established its presence through 15 branches, extending its creative influence to various regions of our diverse country.

Join us in celebrating this artistic milestone at the National Museum of Kazakhstan, located at 54 Tauelsizdik Avenue. The International Exhibition 1933-2023 is not only a tribute to the past but also an opportunity to explore the vibrant contemporary art scene of Kazakhstan and its neighbouring countries. Don’t miss this chance to immerse yourself in a world of artistic wonder and cultural exchange.

Savor the Flavors of the Season at Gastromania: New Year’s Gastronomic Festival (Dec. 15 – 17)

Get ready to embark on a culinary adventure like no other as Astana welcomes you to the New Year’s Gastromania gastronomic festival!

At Gastromania, your taste buds will be in for a treat as you explore a delightful array of food and beverages. But that’s not all – this event promises much more than just delicious bites. You’ll have the chance to immerse yourself in culinary masterclasses, capture memorable moments in creatively themed photo zones, take part in tastings of delectable treats, and even receive special gifts and New Year’s souvenirs to commemorate the occasion.

But that’s not all! Gastromania is not just about food; it’s about creating memorable experiences. Engage in exciting competitions and sweepstakes, groove to the beats of a DJ, and most importantly, make new connections with fellow enthusiasts of good food and festive cheer.

Spanning three exciting days, Gastromania will host offerings from over 100 companies, each showcasing a diverse range of gastronomic delights and unique New Year’s gifts. From delectable dishes to handcrafted goods, this festival is your one-stop destination for all things New Year’s celebrations.

Join us at the EXPO Exhibition Center, located at 53/1 Mangilik El Avenue, and immerse yourself in the festive spirit of Gastromania. It’s not just a gastronomic event; it’s a celebration of the season, a gathering of food lovers, and an opportunity to create lasting memories with family and friends. Don’t miss out on this gastronomic extravaganza that promises to make your New Year’s celebration unforgettable!

Tango dell’amore – A Night of Love and Tango: Astor Piazzolla’s Masterpieces by TARSI Symphony Orchestra (Dec. 17)

Experience the mesmerizing world of music as the TARSI Symphony Orchestra’s chamber ensemble presents “Tango dell’amore – Tango of Love,” a concert that pays homage to the iconic compositions of Astor Piazzolla.

Step into a realm of enchantment where Tango nuevo, adorned with classical elegance and jazz accents, comes to life. Astor Piazzolla, a global musical virtuoso, is celebrated for his distinctive style that captures profound emotions—unrestrained love, fiery passion, gentle sentiments, liberated thoughts, and the sincerity of the soul—through his compositions.

Join us for this musical journey at the Zhastar Palace, located at 34 Republic Avenue. Let the TARSI Symphony Orchestra’s chamber ensemble transport you to a world of romance and emotions, as they bring Piazzolla’s masterpieces to life. It’s a night of love, tango, and musical enchantment that you won’t want to miss.

Artistic Adventure Awaits: Tour the Workshops of Prominent Artists in Kazakhstan (Dec. 17)

Prepare for a captivating cultural journey as you explore the vibrant world of contemporary art in Kazakhstan during the “Tour of the Workshops of Prominent Artists.”

Embark on a unique exploration that takes you behind the scenes of local artists’ studios. Experience a distinctive ethno-exhibition, partake in a traditional national tea ceremony, and dive deep into Kazakhstan’s rich history of fine arts development.

Witness the enchanting process of creating a masterpiece as the secrets of creative skill come to life before your eyes. Explore the art of shopper painting and even try your hand at crafting your unique design. This experience is tailored for those who are eager to immerse themselves in Kazakhstan’s cultural heritage and creativity.

Your ticket includes guided accompaniment, convenient transfers, and a visit to the ethnographic museum at artist Gulmaral Tatibaeva’s workshop, where you’ll enjoy a tea party in the national style. You’ll also have the opportunity to participate in a painting masterclass led by artist Natalia Ligai, creating your very own shopper as a souvenir to cherish.

Join us at the Astana Circus, located at 5 Kabanbai Batyr Avenue, for this exceptional artistic adventure on December 17th. It’s a day filled with cultural discoveries, artistic inspiration, and the chance to connect with the rich heritage of Kazakhstan’s art scene. Don’t miss out on this immersive experience!

Exploring Diversity: Dialogue International Exhibition (Dec. 16-30)

Kickstart your weekend with a captivating cultural journey at the Dialogue International Exhibition.

This extraordinary event promises to be a melting pot of ideas, where diverse perspectives are brought to life through a wide array of artistic expressions. The exhibition will proudly showcase the remarkable works of talented artists including Ruslan Junusov, Gargi Khot, Nurzhan Southbekov, Shalkar Kabdesh, Fudezuka Toshihisa, Karhu Joel, Kinoshita Taika, and Polina Krutova.

Join us at the Has Sanat Art Gallery, situated at 14 Konayev Street, and immerse yourself in a world of creativity and dialogue. This exhibition is a celebration of artistic diversity, offering a unique opportunity to appreciate the visions and voices of talented artists from various backgrounds. It’s an event you won’t want to miss, so mark your calendar for December 16th to 30th and be part of this inspiring cultural experience.

Now, I See You: Adèle Jelansky’s Art Exhibition (Dec. 16 – Jan. 7

Embark on a captivating visual journey at the “Now, I See You” art exhibition, featuring the remarkable work of interdisciplinary French artist Adèle Jelansky. Invited by the French Embassy, Adèle spent nearly six transformative months in 2023 during a creative and exploratory residency in Kazakhstan.

Her journey took her through various regions of the country, where she meticulously crafted a series of captivating photo works dedicated to Kazakhstan. From the vibrant streets of Almaty to the serene landscapes of Altai, the rugged beauty of Mangystau, the historical richness of Turkistan, the cultural tapestry of Shymkent, the industrial landscapes of Karagandy, and finally, the modern allure of Astana, Adèle’s physical journey served as the inspiration behind her creative project.

The exhibition boasts a collection of 45 original photographs and collages, including 20 entirely new works that are being showcased for the very first time at the National Museum of Kazakhstan.

Much like a travel journal, this exhibition’s route invites viewers to follow Adèle’s path and share in her observations. It promises to be a visual journey that allows attendees to explore the beauty and complexity of Kazakhstan through the eyes of a talented French artist.

Join us at the National Museum of Kazakhstan, located at 54 Tauelsizdik Avenue, and immerse yourself in Adèle Jelansky’s artistic vision. This exhibition is a testament to the power of art in bridging cultures and creating connections, and it’s an opportunity to see Kazakhstan through a unique and artistic perspective. Don’t miss this captivating exhibition from December 16th to January 7th.


Kazakhstan Independence Day is a momentous occasion that signifies the country’s journey from a Soviet republic to a thriving and independent nation. It is a day of celebration, reflection, and unity, where the Kazakh people come together to honour their heritage and the progress they have made since gaining independence. As Kazakhstan continues to evolve and grow on the world stage, Independence Day serves as a reminder of the nation’s resilience and its commitment to building a brighter future for all its citizens.